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  • Vendor: Greenwipes

GW-9000 Greenwipes® ColorCloth™ Pro Cleaning Cloth

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Better Cleaning, Bigger Savings - Guaranteed!   

Good Morning Towel Alternatives

Greenwipes® ColorCloth™Pro Cleaning Cloth is one of the most cost competitive alternative to regular cleaning rags to help your business clean better. It is extremely easy to clean and is machine washable, so your wiping materials stay clean and stain-free to reflect a hygienic, orderly and well-run operation.  


Its thick and durable material absorbs 3 times more liquids than rags. Revolutionary CrumbTex technology facilitates easy pick up of dirt, powders and crumbs for more effective cleaning. Easy to wash and dries quickly to prevent foul smells and bacteria breeding for higher standards in cleaning.  


Available in 5 colours for easy category differentiation, identification and to prevent cross contamination - an ideal choice to help comply with HACCP standards. 



  • Significant Cost Saving 

ColorCloth™Pro is the cheapest and most hygienic wiping alternative to wiping cloths or similar products in the market - so you get a superior cleaning material at a better price! 

  • Machine-Washable or Disposable 

Save time on manually washing your cleaning materials. Greenwipes® ColorCloth™ Pro is machine washable up to 50 times! Or if you prefer, it is perfectly cost and time efficient to dispose used wipes and start with a brand new one, too. 

  • FDA Approved Food Safe Material 

Regardless the industry, Greenwipes® ColorCloth™Pro is a great multi purpose product for your wiping needs. It is FDA approved food contact safe and non-toxic, so you can use it on any surface, including food preparation surfaces with absolute peace of mind. 

  • Hygienic and Professional Looking 

Good impressions count! Nothing reflects your commitment to maintaining high standards of hygiene like a spotless, clean wiping material. Greenwipes® ColorCloth™ Pro is easy to clean and dries quickly. So your cleaning wipes stay odour-free, bacteria-free and stain-free. 



  • FDA approved Food Contact Safe. 

  • CrumbTex™ Technology for easy pick of crumbs and fine powder  

  • Ultra Thick and Absorbent. 

  • Extra Large sheets so you can cut into smaller pieces  

  • Easy to wash & stain free.  

  • Machine Washable . 

  • Quick drying to prevent smells and bacteria breeding. 

  • 25 sheets per pack. 

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GW-9000 Greenwipes® ColorCloth™ Pro Cleaning Cloth


Why WT... Is your Trusted Brand for your Baby


We are committed to bring you the highest quality products at the most affordable price.


WT... is a sub-brand of Greenwipes. Greenwipes has an excellent track record of 12 years in the hygiene products industry.


Greenwipes is the proud recipient of the SOBA – Star Outstanding Business Awards and SuperBrands Malaysia Award.