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GW-1109 - Greenwipes®PRO Cleanroom Wipes

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Product Specifications

FDA Approved Low Lint Wipes for Cleanrooms and Sensitive Surfaces

Greenwipes® PRO Industrial Wipes are made from a fusion of absorbent cellulose fibres and industrial spunlace fabric to result in a material that is lightweight yet durable. These professional grade low lint wipes are lab tested and certified to be free from dust, silicone, sulfur, heavy metals and bacteria, so no foreign contaminants are deposited during cleaning. 


Free from hazardous substances and FDA approved Food Contact Safe. Vacuum sealed and double bagged to maintain high levels of purity.


  • Low Lint and Contaminant Free

Greenwipes® PRO Industrial Wipes are low-lint wipes that are lab tested and certified to be free from dust, silicone, sulfur, heavy metals and bacteria. Suitable for Cleanrooms ISO Class 6 or Class 1000 and above.


  • Free From Hazardous Substances

Never compromise on your business and operational integrity. Greenwipes® PRO Industrial Wipes are free from hazardous substances specified in the regulatory restrictions, such as lead, mercury, cadmium and more.


  • FDA Approved Safety

Greenwipes® PRO Industrial Wipes have been FDA approved to be safe for food contact, which means it can be safely used for industries related to food and pharmaceuticals.


  • Chemical Compatible

Greenwipes® PRO Industrial Wipes is extremely durable and can be used with 99% of strong solvents and cleaning solutions (such as Methyl Ethyl Ketone and Isopropyl Alcohol) in the market for better cleaning performance.


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GW-1109 - Greenwipes®PRO Cleanroom Wipes


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