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Greenwipes® BathBuddy™ Bath in Bed Wipes

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Product Specifications

Bath in Bed Wipes For Patients

Greenwipes® BathBuddy™ are waterless bath in bed wipes that rids the body of odours, sweat, oil, dirt and germs conveniently in the event showering with water and soap is not possible. These extra-large body wipes for patients are anti-bacterial to leave skin feeling clean and fresh. Enhanced with Aloe vera to moisturise and protect.

Why Chose Greenwipes® BathBuddy™?

Extra Large Durable Sheets

These waterless bath in bed wipes feature extra-large, embossed sheets, ensuring effective and convenient cleansing for adult patients. With a larger size and textured surface, they offer a wider reach and superior coverage, making every wipe count.

Nourishes and Protects Skin

Greenwipes® BathBuddy™ is enriched with Aloe Vera Extract and Pro-Vitamin B5 to moisturize and protect your skin while cleansing the body. This refreshing body wipes are a great option for patients or elderly who are unable to take regular showers.

Healthy Clean Skin Without Stickiness

Greenwipes® BathBuddy™ maintains a pH of 5.5, mirroring the natural pH of your skin to keep it healthy and clean. Additionally, this bath in bed wipes do not leave a sticky residue on skin, which can be a source of discomfort for bed-bound patients in hospitals.

Dermatologically Tested and Hypoallergenic

We ensure that our patient care wipes are put through rigorous dermatological testing to ensure that it is not only safe but also hypoallergenic. This means that Greenwipes® BathBuddy™ is gentle and safe for all skin types. Recommended for bed-bound patients, post surgery patients, post labour moms, elderly who are mobility challenged or even for travelling and camping.

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Greenwipes® BathBuddy™ Bath in Bed Wipes

RM11.00 MYR


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Greenwipes is the proud recipient of the SOBA – Star Outstanding Business Awards and SuperBrands Malaysia Award.