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  • Sku: GP-9000-100 (Pre-cut)
  • Vendor: Greenwipes

GP-9000 Greenwipes® Sorbpad™ Universal Absorbent Pad

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Product Specifications

Thick Absorbent Pads For Soaking Of All Types of Spills

GP-9000 Greenwipes® Sorbpad™Universal Absorbent Pads are thick and absorbent pads made from Melt Blown Polypropylene (PP). It is designed for absorbing and retaining all kinds of liquids, including oil, water and chemicals. For general use on leaks and spillage.

  • For All Types of Liquids

Greenwipes® Sorbpad™Universal Absorbent Pads are designed for soaking up all types of leaks and spills, this includes water, oils, chemical or oil emulsions, general chemicals such as radiator fluid, glycol,  thinners, manufacturing waste discharge and more.


  • Thick and Absorbent

Thick and highly absorbent pads soak up spills and leaks effectively. When laid on the floor near work or machinery areas, they are great to keep floors dry to prevent slips and falls.


  • High Retention

Strong holding ability allows absorbed liquids to be retained in the pads without seeping out.


  • Versatile

Greenwipes® Sorbpad™Universal Absorbent Pads are multi-functional useful for any industries that require a highly absorbent pad for spills and leaks.



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GP-9000 Greenwipes® Sorbpad™ Universal Absorbent Pad


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