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Zoom Greenwipes Disposable Dishwashing Cloth
Zoom Greenwipes Disposable Dishwashing Cloth
Zoom Greenwipes Disposable Dishwashing Cloth
Zoom Greenwipes Disposable Dishwashing Cloth

Greenwipes Disposable Dishwashing Cloth

RM9.90 MYR

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A more hygienic option to germ-infested dishwashing sponges!

Dishwashing sponges are one of the filthiest things you can find in a kitchen. Its constantly damp condition is the ideal environment for bacteria growth, including Campylobacter and Salmonella, transferred from washing knives and chopping board used for raw meats. Additionally, the dishwashing sponge is an often overlooked item in household cleaning, often only thrown out when it is visibly dirty and falling apart. In actual fact, germs can breed even before that. 


Ensure that you do not contaminate your dishes and cutleries with your germ-infested kitchen sponge - switch to Greenwipes Disposable Dishwashing Cloth! It dries quickly, so that it doesn’t remain damp to breed bacteria. You can dispose and use a new washing cloth as often as you want - to keep your food ware as hygienic as possible. 


Enhanced with Scrubtex Rough Surface , tough stains are easily scrubbed off without scratching off coatings on non-stick kitchenware.



  • More Hygienic Dishwashing

Greenwipes Disposable Dishwashing Cloth allows you to use a new cloth often, so you won't be stuck with a germ-infested, worn out dishwashing sponge you can't bear to toss out. 


  • Scratch Proof Scrubbing

Innovative Scrubtex   Rough Surface allows for easy removal of tough stains without scratching surfaces. Suitable on all kinds of kitchenware and cookware.


  • Lesser Bacteria Growth

Damn conditions are the perfect growing condition for germs. Greenwipes Disposable Dishwashing Cloth is easy to wash and dries quickly, so there will be lesser chances for bacterial proliferation.


  • Dispose Whenever Needed

Greenwipes Disposable Dishwashing Cloth is friendly on the wallet. So you can dispose and use a new one as often as you wish.

Greenwipes Disposable Dishwashing Cloth

RM9.90 MYR

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Can I purchase products for my business here?

Yes, we do sell our products by carton here and you may purchase them here for your business. However, if your business requires a large quantity of products, do contact us at for a better deal!

Where else can I find your products?

GreenHub has the most complete range of Greenwipes products. However, if you prefer to shop at alternative e-commerce platforms, our products are also available at Shopee and Lazada.

To purchase in physical retail stores, you may find our products at selected Aeon outlets nationwide.

Do you ship your products to countries outside Malaysia?

We currently ship to Singapore, too. Shipping rates will be charged depending on parcel weight and destination. For bulk orders, please contact us at for recommendations on shipping arrangement.

Can I really get a refund if I am not satisfied with the products?

We have a Money Back Guarantee assurance for products bought on this store. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, email us at, state the reason for your disatisfaction together with your contact details and our customer representative will be in contact with you.


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Your Hygiene, Our Priority.

Greenwipes® is one of the most trusted brands in the wipes industry. Countless corporations, from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies from the aviation, automotive, electrical & electronic, foods & health care sectors have come to rely on Greenwipes as their wiping solutions partner of choice.

Committed to Sustainability.

We are very aware of the pressing need for more sustainable products with lower ecological footprint. We are set to evolve with the needs of the environment and Greenwipes® will be transitioning to include greener raw materials to create products that are biodegradable and compostable.

Award Winning.

Greenwipes® products and technological innovations are the recipient of the highly covetted SOBA and SUPERBRANDS award. These awards are a testament of our effort and commitment to product excellence.

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We are confident that our award winning products are of the highest quality. Our money back guarantee will leave your mind at peace when you try out our products.

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